We aim to be a furniture store with a difference

About Sopha

Sopha is an exciting new furniture store created by husband-and-wife team Matt & Emily Scott who aim to 'do furniture retail differently.'
Back in 2016 Matt & Emily, along with their families started renovating & converting the old George Hotel in Highbridge into a modern new retail destination.
Sopha isn’t just about the building though, we specialise in exceptional products at great prices. When we can't find the right products out there, we work with some of the best British furniture factories to create our own unique ranges.
We're experts in beds, mattresses, sofas and chairs but we also sell all the other things that make your home the place where you want to spend all of your time. You'll find all sorts of gems in store from articifiial flowers to bedding, clocks to lights, mirrors to rugs and everything else for your home inbetween.

We're Discovering what it means to be an ethical furniture retailer...

We're working to change the industry for the long term, we even have our very own 'Sustainability Co-ordinator'.

Before Matt & Emily opened Sopha they made the decision that Sopha should be different to other furniture retailers and one of the ways they wanted to do this was through becoming a sustainable business.

We always feel like we're learning but in everything we do we aim to become more sustainable; from LED lighting throughout our shop to mattresses with fewer damaging foams and plastics making them carbon negative. Our coffee shop is largely plastic-free too!

In addition to that we're constantly working with our suppliers to switch to more sustainable products and packaging to make sure we're still able to make a difference into the future.

We do other things differently too...

Honest Pricing
We offer our best prices all year-round rather than ‘yo yo pricing’ of sales and artificial discounts. You'll never find us doubling our prices in December so that we can claim them to be 'half-price' in January.
No Dull Brands
We aim to stock products that sell themselves rather than hiding behind a label. Did you know 21 of the best known brands are made by only 4 manufacturers? Maybe that explains the almost identical looking rows of beds in some other mattress stores.
Bespoke When Possible
Rather than finding the same furniture as in every other store we aim to create and source products where we can be confident in the quality. If we can't find a product that ticks all of our boxes we design it and work with British craftspeople to bring it to life.


Interested in joining our team? We post detais of any current vacancies on our careers page.

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