Are you seeking creative flair?

Are you seeking creative flair?

Are you seeking a totally new look for your home or something different to go with your existing furniture? We all have our own ideas about what looks good when it comes to interior design but these expert fail-safe tips guarantee the wow factor no matter who walks into the room or what your style is (or theirs!).

The 6 Key components for designing your home

There are six key components when it comes to creating an aesthetically pleasing home: space, line of form, light, colour, texture and pattern. Co-ordinated correctly, they can change a tired-looking space into something truly stunning. The best place to start is a focal point, something which grabs everyone’s attention the moment they walk into the room, such as a picture at eye level or a statement piece of furniture. From this you can successfully co-ordinate the rest of the room. If you mix your old favourites with your new, you’ll refresh the room and give it a look that never tires. Be sure to think bold when redecorating; artwork is a great way to start a theme to your room, plus great art gets better with age, especially when paired with well-chosen paint colours. The power of paint cannot be understated; a fresh lick can breathe new life into an old room. Use dark colours to create a moody atmosphere or make a choice between bright colours on the walls or splashes of colour on the furniture to liven up a previously ordinary living space.

Trust your instincts

Some people have a natural flair for creating a perfect home while others need an expert they can rely on before making a ghastly mistake. We offer a service to help you find the confidence to push the boundaries onto a new level of visual appeal, but most importantly we work alongside you to do so: you should always trust your instincts when it comes to interiors; anything you need to be persuaded to like now isn’t something you’re going to like later. We’ll help you design the perfect space for you; somewhere you can relax, unwind, and most of all, enjoy.

This article was written by Melanie and Emma for the March 2020 Edition of Mendip Living as a helpful hint on designing the interior of your home. 

We have an Inspiration page where you can find out more about how to add colour to your room using the 60-30-10 Rule when redecorating your room whether that’s your living room or bedroom.

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seeking creative flair

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