To help spread some Christmas cheer and raise money for charity in the process our team took part in both Elf Day for Alzheimer’s Society and Christmas Jumper Day for Save The Children with a collection box for each by our coffee shop.

At Sopha we love getting involved with fundraising for charities that really matter to us, so we asked our resident elves Adam and Emma what makes them so willing to dress up and stand out from the crowd for the day:

Adam: “It’s been a tough year for us all so I was glad to put a smile on everyone’s face for the day, especially when raising money for such a great cause which affects so many people across the world.”

Adam Elf Day 2020
Adam the elf

Emma: “I lost my grandpa to Alzheimer’s in 2014. My family were lucky because although he didn’t know he was in a hospice (he still thought he was at home), he remembered who we all were. I will never forget the last time I saw him – even then, he still wanted to share a slice of cake with me! I would give anything to spend 10 more minutes with him. By raising money for Alzheimer’s research, hopefully I can help another family get that extra time with their loved one.”

Emma Elf Day 2020
Emma the elf

Our hearts go out to all those who are affected by dementia; it is a heartbreaking disease which we hope one day will see a cure.

Our team will also be wearing their Christmas jumpers from now until Christmas to continue supporting Save The Children. As a family-run business with a baby on the way, this is an important cause to us and we’re delighted to be raising money whilst spreading Christmas cheer.

Christmas Jumper Day 2020
Team Sopha’s socially distanced Christmas Jumper Day 2020

Our collection boxes will remain beside our coffee shop until Christmas Eve so there’s still plenty of time to drop your change in while you warm yourself up with a cup of coffee (and maybe treat yourself to a slice of cake as a reward for your good deed)!

Collection Boxes
Alzheimer’s Society and Save The Children collection boxes by our Banoffee sofa on the way into our coffee shop

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