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It’s our first time on TV and we’re rather excited!

On this page we’ve put together some of our favourite sofas, beds and homestuff from the ad.


The Colour Changing Sofas

We start off with shots of the Galaxy, Custard Cream and Tiramisu sofas, which appear to seamlessly switch on the ad. This was filmed in the old beer cellar deep underneath our shop in Highbridge.

Galaxy small sofa

Sopha Galaxy Grey Sofa

Our Galaxy two seater sofa is shown in Charcoal Plain fabric with dark feet.

Custard Cream small sofa

Sopha Custard Cream Sofa

Our Custard Cream two seater sofa is shown in Amber Plain with Satin Nickel legs.

Tiramisu Large sofa

Sopha Tiramisu Teal Sofa

Our Tiramisu three seater sofa is shown in Piero Teal with Walnut legs.

Our Magical Clock Wall

After walking into the shop we are treated to a magical display of our wall clocks appearing by magic on the wall. During filming each clock had to be removed from the wall one at a time, the screw holes in the wall filled and painted. A special camera rig was brought in which allowed Simple Media to repeat the same camera move exactly every time. After three takes and a lot of editing our clocks magically appeared and disappeared.

A Sofa in Each Quarter

When the screen splits into four we show four of our sofas with a range of accessories as they are displayed in our Highbridge furniture store. Accessories include our Gin Cushions, Timeless Clock, Rio Wall Art and Eleanor Lights.

Tiramisu Large sofa

Tiramisu Sofa in Teal with Orange Cushions

Our Tiramisu Large Sofa is shown in Piero Teal with Walnut legs displayed with our Orange Palms cushion.

Madeira Corner Sofa

Madeira Dark Blue Velvet Corner Sofa

Our Madeira Corner group is shown in Amalfi Dark Blue with Vintage Grey legs and Emery Stripe cushions. 

Marshallow Modular Corner Sofa

Marshmallow Modular Corner Sofa

Our Marshmallow Corner Sofa consists of a 2str 1arm, 2str corner, armless and footstool modules in Linnet Clay.

Flapjack Medium Sofa

Flapjack 2 Seater Sofa

Our Flapjack Medium Sofa is shown in Mateo Teal with Medium feet and a pair of Amalfi Teal scatter cushions.

Glancing around our store

Coming up to the first floor of our Somerset furniture store (where you’ll find our Coffee Shop) the camera picks out some of the things you’ll see.

2022 mattress collection
The great thing about television is that it’s magical!

That’s how we’ve been able to give you a sneak peek into the future with a preview of our new 2022 mattress range. Our succulent velvet bordered mattress can be seen with it’s dark blue sheen and all new branding. They’ll still be handmade in Wiltshire by Andy, Keith, Scott and their team but will have an all new look. While you’re waiting in anticipation for our 2022 ranges to arrive you can check out our current mattress collection here.

The Bedroom Scene

The bedroom scene can be viewed on the second floor of our Highbridge furniture shop.

The furniture is our Elderflower bedroom range which is handmade in Wiltshire using a choice of oak top and paint colour. We can even colour match any Farrow & Ball paint colour on these bedroom chests, wardrobe and matching bed frame.

The mattress on the Elderflower bed frame is the Somnus by Harrison Spinks Highclere which is part of their in store exclusive collection. You can shop the online exclusive mattress range by Harrison Spinks here.

Bringing it home

The final scene of the ad depicts some of the furniture we’ve seen around the store being reimagined coming back together in our original scene – all while drinking a cup of tea!

This scene was once again filmed in the old beer cellar beneath our shop in Highbridge and was great fun to film, despite having to carry everything down there and back up again.

Our thanks go to Simple Media, The Design Hive and our amazing team for enabling our first ever TV ad to happen.

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