Debunking Mattress Buying

Debunking Mattress Buying

Are mattresses really that confusing?

Sleep experts say a new mattress can improve your quality of life, productivity and happiness but they don’t say how to find the right mattress for a good night’s sleep.

Mattress stores are great at confusing us and ‘one size fits all’ mattresses don’t actually seem to fit ‘all’ especially when their design is compromised to fit in a box. Then there’s brands. Did you know 21 of the best known brands are made by only 4 manufacturers? Maybe that explains the endless rows of beds in big box mattress stores.

The technology is confusing too. How many times can memory foam be tweaked and re-named as a new innovative product? They never mention these foams often omit push-back support or that they can start to degrade after only 3 years. Even retailers are confused resulting in people replacing mattresses that were never right for their needs in the first place.

We do things differently…

We test over 200 mattresses each year and only the best get the ‘Koala’s Seal of Approval’. Our in-house mattress designer works directly with mattress factory owners Andy, Keith & Scott in Wiltshire to create what we feel is the ultimate range of mattresses. We look at the support layer separate to the comfort layer ensuring we avoid pressure points on your shoulders and hips whilst a customised regular or firm tension provides the right support for your back.

We even guarantee you’ll wake up happy!

We’re often asked how trying a mattress in store can compare to sleeping on it at home. That’s why we’re launching our 120 night comfort exchange making mistake mattress purchases a thing of the past. T&Cs available in store.
And that’s it. Buying a new mattress is no longer confusing!

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