How to Get Guest-Ready this Christmas…

How to Get Guest-Ready this Christmas…

Have you got guests staying over this Christmas? If so now’s the time to start thinking about getting your home guest ready.

Step 1, Declutter your spare room.

If you’re anything like us your spare room is used as extra storage space for much of the year. The first thing you need to do is tackle the clutter so there’s space for your guests. A good clear-out is always a great place to start; last year’s unwanted Christmas gifts could be donated to one of our fantastic local charity shops where they’ll find a new home.

Step 2, Work out where everything goes.

Now you’ve cleared out everything you don’t need, clever storage space is the key to making your spare room looking pristine all year especially for your guests. Sopha have loads of great options from clever wardrobe spaces to ottoman beds and storage stools.

Step 3, Try out the bed.

This is the one we always forget. How many times when staying away have you woken up with a bad back but when asked how you slept replied ‘really well’ so as not to upset your host’s feelings (or if you wake up with a bad back at home maybe it’s time to check your own bed!). There’s two approaches to fixing this one; if your bed is getting to the end of it’s life you can replace it and move your old mattress into the spare room or alternatively Sopha have ‘The Lodger’, a mattress designed specifically for the spare room for only £249. Also it’s part of Sopha’s mattress range that will still have guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery right up to two weeks before the big day.

Step 4, Then comes the rest…

The food, the presents, the wrapping, the decorations, the rest of the house… and if it all becomes too much you can always pop down to Sopha’s Coffee Shop for a coffee and a slice of cake as a break from all the Christmas preparations.


Shut the door to the spare room, pretend it doesn’t exist and invest in a sofa bed for your guests, now starting at only £925.

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