Introducing Power Pastels

Introducing Power Pastels

Keeping homes on trend.

Summer 2019 is all about ‘power pastels’. Pastel colours on your sofas give a fresh clean look to living rooms. Gone are the beige and grey of the early 2000s and in is a whole new palette of subtle colour.

The old idea of a matching 3 piece really is out with this new 2019 look. Brushed cottons and soft velvets combine to add depth and feeling into the living room. Fibre filled seat cushions give that sumptuous, encompassing feel however foam seat cushions are still easily found, requiring almost no maintenance in comparison.

Even the least fashion conscious of us manage to get caught up trends when it comes to our our homes. I only need to mention chintzy, for the memories of the slightly overdone swags and tails to come to mind. How many years will it be before we look back in the slightly orangey laminate flooring with questioning distaste? Power pastels thankfully do that clever thing of being on trend but subtle enough not to look dated in 5 years.

Velvets are having the biggest resurgence in the home these days. The rich luxury they ensue helps create a focal point and are ideal for that splash of colour. New velvets on the market have conquered with their newly gained resilience, now passing some of the industries harshest rub tests. Deep velvets still fight for space in the world of interior design, Ochre yellow continues to be a firm favourite. One thing is for sure, the seas of dull, boring cream and grey sofas while you’re out shopping are very much a thing of the past.

Following our official opening last month our new Summer 2019 collection has arrived in store. Hopefully we’ll be an inspiration to you and to your home.

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Power Pastels

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