October Localreach

October Localreach

What is a furniture store with a difference?

We’re often asked what we mean when we say that we’re trying to be different from other furniture stores. It is important to us that we’re different to the stores you see advertising on TV and we wanted to tell you about some of the things we do differently.

To start off with we believe our role is to listen to what you’re looking for and give unbiased advice on colours and sizes for your room. That’s why you won’t find us paying any of our staff on a commission basis.

What we mean by honest pricing…

We don’t double our prices for 8 months of the year just to pretend that they’re half price for the other 4 months. We don’t reduce from MRSPs or RRPs that the products have never been sold at, we offer our best prices all year round. We regularly check prices both online and in competitors stores. If we find a product cheaper we aim to match or beat their prices, even if they’re having a ‘sale’. We even check their average prices against ours.

Smaller factories, higher craftsmanship…

We don’t really do brands. Most of the big name brands are now owned by multi-brand corporations and that’s just not us. We love working with smaller factories across the UK to create first class products. We also love handmade things, sofa frames should be hand crafted with hardwoods, glue and screws and covered by a skilled upholsterer. Manufacturing in the UK also reduces the environmental impact of shipping completed furniture from abroad.

Delivery before Christmas…

As we move through October each of our factories will close their order books for Christmas, which is a busy time of year for the industry and it can take as long as 10 weeks for some of our sofas to be individually hand crafted. By the end of November all of our sofas will be on post-Christmas delivery.

Come and view the range…

There’s lots of inspiration to be found in store so please come and visit us to try them out for yourself.

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