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Sopha Easter Raffle for defibrillator

This Easter we are hosting an exciting Easter Raffle to raise funds for a life-saving defibrillator, not only for our store but also for our local community in Highbridge. With your help, we can make a difference and potentially save lives!

The Importance of a Defibrillator

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is an unexpected and potentially fatal event that affects around 30,000 people each year. Quick access to a defibrillator is crucial, as every minute counts when it comes to increasing the chances of survival. By installing a defibrillator close to the town centre, we can offer the Highbridge community a fighting chance in the face of an SCA.

There is currently a defibrillator at Southwell House however there are currently none available within the town centre, near our store.

Our Fundraising Goal

The total cost to install a defibrillator and train people on its proper use exceeds £1,400. Thanks to your generous support, we have already raised £400, and we’re confident that our Easter Raffle will get us even closer to our goal.

Easter Raffle Details

The Easter Raffle will take place on Monday, April 10th at 3 pm, with the lucky winners announced live on Sopha’s Facebook page. The raffle features amazing prizes donated by local businesses and some of our valued suppliers, including:

  • ASDA, Highbridge
    Hot water bottle, candle gift set and single bedding set
  • B&M, Burmham-on-Sea
    Sonic the Hedgehog toy and a remote control Lamborghini toy car
  • Barneys
    £15 voucher
  • Bicycle Shack
  • Big Bull Self Storage
    £25 Amazon Voucher
  • BOS Cafe
    £10 voucher
  • Build Base
    Master Lock Security Chest
  • Cafe Beans
    £10 voucher
  • Crafty Comforts
    £10 voucher
  • Create You
    Art Set
  • CRS Building Supplies
    Makita Cordless Coffee Maker
  • Emanuel's Jewellery
  • Francesco Hair & Beauty Salon
    Beauty Hamper
  • G.W Hurley
    Unicorn Headsets
  • Highbridge DIY
    Hilka Hammer drill
  • Jewsons
    3 X hacksaws
  • Lowe's Barbers
    £10 voucher
  • Lowe's Pottery Painting
    £10 voucher
  • Maisey’s Bakery
    £20 voucher
  • M&F Carpets
    Cadburys Easter Egg
  • One stop
    Easter Eggs
  • Ritz Cinema
    £10 voucher
  • Saagar Indian Takeaway
    £10 voucher
  • Thyers Fishing Tackle
    Axia surf pro fishing reel
  • Truckles Farm Shop
    Bottle of cider
    Plus several prizes offered by Sopha’s suppliers, including a storage stool, a fixed stool, 2 Harrison Spinks side sleeper pillows and a framed picture of Paris from one of our wall art supplier and lots more…

Supporting the Cause

All proceeds from the raffle will go directly toward the defibrillator fund. We have also received a generous donation from Walrow Kitchens. If you would like to support the cause without entering the raffle, you can donate through our Just Giving page.

A Personal Connection

Sopha founder Emily shared her thoughts on the importance of the defibrillator initiative: “Last year, one of our team members tragically lost a close family member, aged 35, to cardiac arrest, leaving behind two young children. With a defibrillator in our shop, we hope to give the community of Highbridge a fighting chance of surviving an SCA. We are both grateful and humbled by the support of our community and local businesses who have generously donated prizes for the raffle. Our thanks also goes to Kevin and our team in the shop who are making this raffle possible.”

Get Your Raffle Tickets

Raffle tickets are just £1 per strip and can be purchased from Sopha’s Coffee Shop, Maisey’s Bakery, Francesco’s Hair and Beauty, or Barney’s.

Don’t miss out on your chance to win fantastic prizes while supporting a life-saving cause! Join us in the Easter Raffle, and together, let’s make Highbridge a safer place for everyone.


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