What to expect when we deliver to your home

What to expect when we deliver to your home

As well as our in store Covid-secure measures we have also considered ways in which we can maintain social distancing and avoid surface transmission when goods enter and leave the store including how deliveries can take place.

When using the click and collect option from our website the collection point for receiving your furniture or accessories is at the rear of our car park. If you can give us a call when you are coming to collect we’ll make sure it is ready for you. All goods for collection will be stored in our warehouse in order to minimise manual handling of the item. 

We have made some changes to the way we make deliveries in order to make them safer. We are able to offer a Covid-secure delivery service.

When your item(s) have arrived in our warehouse we’ll give you a call to arrange a two-hour time slot as usual but during this call you may be asked if anyone in your house is self-isolating or shielding. If there is anyone in your household with symptoms we will not be able to enter your home but we will be happy to re-arrange delivery for another time. We may also ask you to open internal doors and exterior windows before we arrive to minimise contact with your door handles. 

When we deliver furniture to your home we will call you once we are outside your home so as to avoid touching the doorbell. Once our delivery team are inside we ask that you continue to observe the 2 metre social distancing measure to minimise contact. Our drivers will take lots of precautions; we even have special sanitiser that we use on furniture to make sure we can keep everyone safe and our van will be cleaned between deliveries too. 

We are still offering a service to collect and dispose of old items when we deliver your new furniture but in order to do this safely there are a number of measures we have taken into consideration. Our delivery team will be wearing disposable gloves which will be changed between handling old and new furniture. We will ensure there is a separation between old and new products on the van, which includes items used to handle new products such as delivery blankets. All old items will be bagged or sprayed with Electrox especially if they are being carried in the van at the same time as the new furniture. We will ensure our delivery van is sprayed after carrying old furniture so as to reduce the risk of contamination.    


To read more about our measures check out our ‘Social Distancing’ page. Looking for something with a quick delivery why not check out our ‘Next Day Delivery’ Harrison Spinks Velocity mattresses, our ‘10 Day Delivery‘ mattresses or our ‘Last Chance’ section.  

When we deliver to you, please help us to help you. If you think other measures should be added, please let us know.

We look forward to delivering your new furniture to you. 

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