Our Fourth Plastic Free Award

Our Fourth Plastic Free Award

Glastonbury went plastic free for a weekend, we’re aiming to be plastic free for a lifetime!

We’ve just won our 4th award this year for our strive to remove as much un-necessary plastic as possible from our shop. Simple changes such as plastic bottles were easy to switch to glass, but actually changing the products in the furniture side of the business is a slightly longer process.

We’re currently working alongside The Design Hive in Highbridge to design and switch-over to more easily recyclable boxes than those previously used in one of our UK factories. We also have the opportunity when designing our products to make sure we’re using the latest, most environmentally friendly materials. As an example the insulator pads in our mattresses are made using recycled denim offcuts rather than chemical based foams, this creates a mattress that is more breathable and longer lasting.

Another award for us and more on the way…

As well as our recent success with plastic free awards our team members have also been working towards their own certifications. All of our furniture team are completing training via the Sleep Council Sales Academy, have visited at least one bed factory and most of them have already completed the Somnus Training Academy course. We feel it’s important that when you go into a store the staff understand their products.

It’s all part of our aim to be a furniture store with a difference.

We still don’t do sales! We don’t agree with yo-yo pricing or falsely increasing prices one month to pretend they’re discounted the next. Instead we offer our best prices all year round.

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